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Here, we provide the space and support young people need to find their passions, develop valuable skills, and explore potential career opportunities. Come explore the possibilities at The Axiom.

The Axiom Youth Center is more than just a place to hang out - it's a place to dream, discover, and develop! 

The Axiom has established four key strategic pillars designed to overcome the various obstacles that young people face. These pillars include FOCUS, GROW, THRIVE, and EXCEL, each created to provide comprehensive support and guidance to youth navigating life’s challenges. By utilizing these pillars, we aim to empower young people to become successful and accomplished, helping them achieve their full potential in their personal and professional lives.

Our FOCUS groups offer young people opportunities to turn their lives around through specialized services that connect them with the care, skills, and resources needed to focus on transforming their lives.


We are committed to helping youth FOCUS!

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Our GROWshops offer young people opportunities to explore new interests and develop new skills through a network of volunteers and mentors who share their passions and hobbies with the students.



We are committed to helping youth GROW!


Our THRIVE center offers young people a safe, encouraging space to be themselves and have fun through games, homework help, GROW Workshops, a student-led cafe, socialization and more.



We are committed to helping youth THRIVE!


Our EXCEL training offers young people an opportunity to gain the skills necessary to develop a successful work ethic through career exploration and vocational training and experience.


We are committed to helping youth Excel!

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