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The Axiom Timeline






The Axiom started as a simple idea in Oroville, California, a small town with not a lot for young people to do.  We wanted to create a place where teenagers could be and be known.  Many locals supported the idea in 2006.  


We launched a large-scale fundraising campaign at the beginning of 2007.  After raising over $100,000 in pledges and donations, we opened our doors in Downtown Oroville in August 2007.  We hoped to meet physical, academic, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Chris Leinhard took his experience working at a local coffee shop to launch and manage the center for the first two years.  Twila Medeiros replaced Chris in 2009 and helped grow our support within the community.  


Wes Lobo stepped in as the Interim Manager in 2011 and helped launch The Axiom Coffee Service, which delivers to many businesses in Oroville weekly.  After Wes’ six-month interim stint, we hired a Director, Krysi Riggs, who led for over 10 years.


Through the years, Krysi built a sturdy and flourishing program. She engaged with the downtown business and other organizations to have increased community support; creating a caring and encouraging space for students. Through Krysi’s leadership, Axiom was able to develop and implement the Platforms for Success, as well as an internship program, give college students real-world experience in the non-profit sector, and come alongside community members of Lincoln, CA, to equip their community to start and maintain a youth center they now call The Foundry.


During this time we were also able to increase our staffing to further the development of The Axiom. Rachel Cowen and Levi Kniss have both been part of our team as site managers working to ensure the site's day-to-day operations run smoothly.  

Krysi is now part of the Board and Sarah Amatuccio stepped in as the Interim Director. Sarah went to Chico State and received her social work degree with a passion for working with youth. She has participated in many youth organizations, such as Campus Life and Young Life where she led students, organized events, and engaged with the community. She is committed to serving the youth in this area with love and care.

Levi has been committing his time and energy into the lives of our youth for over 4 years. His passion is to see students’ hearts change and to know the Lord has led him to facilitate opportunities for our students to learn, ask questions, and discover Jesus. He has partnered with local churches in the area to create opportunities for our students to engage in ministry multiple times a week.

Today Marcos Gonzalez has been given the opportunity as the Executive Director of The Axiom. He faithfully served in many communities as a champion for youth. He received his MBA in 2020 and has traveled to different countries with YWAM, sharing the love of Christ with many people groups. He is committed to breaking generational curses and cycles so that young people today can receive freedom. ​We at the Axiom are excited to see the growth and transformation that will come in this new season. 

The Axiom accomplishes the work we do, through the support of caring community members, fundraising strategies, and grants. Because of our diverse funding, we are uniquely able to shift in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the young people in our community.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

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