How to make axiom possible.

There are many ways to donate! You may click the PayPal button below to set up a one time or reoccuring donation through your paypal account, you can mail  checks to the Axiom, or we can help you set up an automatic funds transfer from your account. Donations stay spereate per site to fund the programs offered in your community. 

Mailing Address

Axiom Oroville:

  • The Axiom Oroville
  • P.O. Box 626
  • Oroville, CA 95965


Axiom Lincoln:

  • The Axiom Lincoln
  • 424 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 204
  • Lincoln, CA 95648



Axiom Oroville:

Axiom Lincoln:

donor frequently asked questions

what does my donation provide?

Donations go to the general budget of Axiom, making the day to day operation of Axiom possible. This means things like rent, staff program development and creating an exciting environment for teens.

what is the annual budget of Axiom?

Each Axiom site maintains a very modest budget $100,000 annually. We maintain this budget by having a strong volunteer base, and pursing in-kind donations whenever possible.

what kind of fund raising does axiom do?

Our fund raising is focused on two large events, our spring pledge drive to gain monthly donors, and our annual benefit dinner for larger one time gifts. We also pursue businesses and organizations for financial gifts and in-kind donations throughout the year.

How else does axiom ensure sustainability? 

Our fund raising model is based off 8 years of successful fund raising for the Axiom in Oroville. We seek to maintain our modest budget while still creating a meaningful experience for our teens, often times this means more work for our staff and volunteers but that is something our team is wiling to do to ensure a successful future for Axiom in both Oroville & Lincoln.

how will i know what my donations are doing?

We make every attempt to connect donors to the Axiom students being changed by those donations. This includes monthly emails, quarterly newsletters, annual testimony videos, letters and cards.

does my donation go to both sites or just the one in my town?

All donations stay within their city. Therefor donations from the Lincoln area go to the Lincoln Axiom budget likewise donations from the Oroville area go to the Oroville Axiom. 

are donations tax DEDUCTIBLE?

 Yes! Financial gifts and item donations are all deductible. 

can i donate another way other than paypal?

Yes! You may mail or drop off a check or cash, or  you can set up an electronic funds transfer through your bank or our pledge card, contact us and we can figure out what works best for you!