A collaborative work space in downtown Oroville to help you get work done and join the community you've been missing.



The new world of work is one we get to cultivate together. When you need to focus while working remotely, coworking is the cost effective solution.



You don't have to put up with the lonely lulls of working at home. We're here to ensure you have everything you need to thrive and help your neighbors do the same.



Your membership dues allow Axiom to invest in the next generation of young entrepreneurs, and sharing your learned skills can help students succeed.


Part Time Month$99

  • 2 days per week
  • Conference room access
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Free member events

Drop-In Day$19

  • Limited availability
  • Conference room access
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Member event access


  1. Increased self confidence.

  2. Belonging to a supportive community.

  3. Flexible work hours.

  4. Expand business network.

  5. Stop feeling isolated during work.

  6. Access the fastest business internet.

  7. Be more productive.

  8. Meet clients in a reserved private space.

  9. Be motivated by the progress of others.

  10. Uniquely contribute to the community.


  1. Family demands attention.

  2. Difficulty concentrating.

  3. Children disturbing during calls.

  4. Difficulty with office equipment.

  5. Household noises.

  6. Slow, unreliable internet.

  7. No access to company documents.

  8. Temptation to watch television.

  9. Lack of proper work surface.

  10. Bad posture due to makeshift office.


Frequently asked questions

Is this a youth center or a coworking space?

The Axiom is primarily a youth center that builds platforms of success for students to realize and utilize their untapped potential. However, we also offer the facility as a beautiful place to work in a lively downtown location..  Students are the primary focus of The Axiom, but Axiom Coworking is a complementary offering that serves a need in our community outside of the time that students use the space.

What hours is the coworking space available?

Monday through Friday, students use The Axiom from 3 to 6pm, so the space is available up until 2:30pm and then again after 6:30pm.  On the weekends it is available all day unless there are special events.  During special events, a limited number of seats are available in the staff offices and conference room areas.  Special events only occur once or twice per month.

What type of people work at Axiom Coworking?

If most of your work is done on a laptop, Axiom Coworking could be right for you. There are freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals that need an office space outside of their typical work environment.  The unique characteristic of every member of Axiom Coworking is the united purpose of investing in the youth of our community to pay it forward.

Is my workspace mine, or do I share it?

The workspace is made up of desks, tables, standing tables, couches, chairs, barstools, and conference room tables.  The only reservable space is the conference room. Every other work area is available daily on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Do I have to work with teenagers?

You definitely don't have to work with teens because they aren't in the building during coworking. However, part of the coworking agreement is to pay it forward by providing some sort of teaching or resource to the youth that are in our Platforms of Success Program.  This could be teaching a seminar once a year, becoming a mentor for a teen, participating in a career Q&A, or countless other ways that will help build up our community.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

You should talk to your tax professional about it, but the short answer is yes and no. As a business expense you will be able to write it off if you itemize your deductions, but the fee is not a donation.

Where do I park?

Part of our use permit with the City of Oroville stipulates that adults that access the building will use public parking lots rather than street parking to ensure that spots are available for shoppers that visit downtown.  There are public parking lots one block north, south and east of the site that are available for parking.

Can I share my membership?

All memberships are issued to one individual and cannot be shared: one person, one key, one membership. However, guests are welcome while accompanied by a member. Minors are not permitted as guests.  There is a special spouse rate or members of the same household, you can add another same-level membership with a $50 discount.

How long is my contract?

We use month to month pricing and no long term contracts; however, members must notify the Axiom that they wish to cancel their membership at least a week before their monthly renewal so that the auto charge can be cancelled in a timely manner.