Parents and guardians, thank you for checking out our web page.  We want to assure you of the security and benefit of The Axiom as well as communicate a few points of interest.  The Axiom is organized to help students realize and utilize their full potential and is most beneficial for students that attend on a regular basis.  We do our best for students that have random attendance, but we gain more influence with students that hang out more often.  All of our volunteers go through an application and back ground check process, and students over the age of 18 can only attend while still enrolled in a local high school.

Our goal is to help your student.  If there is anything that we should know that would help us help them, please feel free to communicate that to us through the contact page.  We have found that having influence with students can really help them.  We are probably telling them the same things you have been for years, but hearing it from someone that is not a parent generally helps.  If at any point a volunteer or staff member handles a situation with your student in a way that you do not agree with, please feel free to contact us or stop by to discuss it.

To keep The Axiom a  safe place, we do have a few policies that may interest you.  During business hours, we can not make your student stay here, it is a voluntary youth center.  To ensure the safety of everyone, we do not allow students to go in and out.  Special cases are made on occasion at the manager’s approval.  This helps us keep an eye on behavior, which we cannot control if the students leave the building.  We also cannot communicate whether or not a student is here over the phone.

Frequently Asked questions

what are your Hours?

Monday-Friday 3-6 pm, we do change our hours based on school breaks and holidays. If you think that may apply check in on our facebook or instagram page!

do the hours ever change?

Yes, we adjust our hours for summer breaks and changes in school district schedules. We will always post schedule changes on site & on our social media accounts.

how much does axiom cost?

Axiom normal hours are totally FREE! We are funded through community donations, and donations are always appreciated!

is axiom supervised?

Yes, we aim to maintain a 1 adult to 10 students ratio to ensure proper supervision. Also, all staff and volunteers must pass background checks & our training to serve. 

what are the rules at axiom?

We have two rules, respect people & respect stuff. Anything negative a young person can do falls under one of these two rules. We feel it is better to discuss and work through problem behaviors individually rather than on leaning on an extensive list of rules. 

do students have to check in or check out?

No, our staff take attendance throughout the day for our records. However, because we are not a childcare center, students may leave at any time. We ask that parents work with their teens about their specific rules on coming and leaving Axiom.   Additionally to try to be respectful of the downtown community and keep students safe we ask all students to let us know if they are leaving and if they're planning to come back to Axiom in that day,

what if i have a concern?

Please contact us! We love being able to partner with parents to support their student. Feel free to call or email us! We do not typically answer the phone during our open hours since we are focused on the students, but we will call you back if you leave a message. 

how can i stay connected & Informed?

We recommend subscribing to our email list & liking us on Facebook or Instagram for general updates. However if we have an issue regarding physical violence, bulling, or drug related instance with your student we will call you.