The Three Points of Volunteer Management: Recruitment, Training, & Retention.

When we miss manage our volunteer we do an injustice to them, us, and the mission of our work. Properly managed volunteers will have deep value in what they do, experience personal growth and attract other skilled people to help with your work. If you feel like there isn't enough time in the day, or you're losing volunteers without really knowing why, then you need to read and practice The Three Keys to Volunteer Management. 

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The Power of Communication Invitation and Expectation

Having a communication style that invites and clearly lines out expectation results in a better result for everyone you communicate to. Read this article and learn how to increase your volunteers meaning and purpose, how to help your students better understand the transformational message of Jesus, and show your spouse why taking the trash out is a bigger deal than the two minutes it takes actually do it.
This post will teach you three keys to successful communication. 

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Being Good News, In A Way That Is Actually Good News

Have you ever been faced with a moment when someone you care for is having a crisis, a pain, a struggle or situation and find yourself wondering “how am I supposed to help THEM?”

Sometimes when faced with a problem in the life of someone we care for we jump to conclusions about that they need.  We think “they should read X, or follow Y on twitter, or attend Z event”.  

We spout off with helping tips and resources... and cause more pain and suffering. 

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